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8 Cad Drawings for Rebel Architect Inside You

Autocad, Archicad, Vectorworks... whatever CAD package you use, day after day of drafting car park layouts, toilet stalls or window schedules can get a little dull after a while. That may go some way to explaining how some of these drawings came into existence – every vice concievable has crept onto the black screen in all their coloured, polylined glory.

Here are 8 of the most outrageous examples of CAD-based mischief on the web – if you have a hidden gem of your own, be sure to send it via private message to The Angry Architect on Facebook, and it might just get a public airing!


1. Trolling.

No matter where you go... you can't escape the memes.



2. Drinking.

Pick your CAD poison!



3. Clubbing.

For the love of Corb, someone draw a swimming pool on the left side... NOW.



4. Dancing.

This is so sexist! Where are all the men?!



5. Being 'Lads'.

Oh never mind... there they are.



6. 'Cuddling'.

Perhaps a little too much detail in this drawing?



7. Planning.

From the most accurate flowchart ever created...



8. Dreaming. the most perfect CAD menu ever conceived. We can but dream.


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