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QUICK GUIDE: How Not To Architect (Part 10)

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So, I'm frequently asked what makes me so ANGRY. The truth is, I'm not always in a rage... in fact, quite often I'm a veritable ball of sweetness and light! (Within reason of course, I am an architect after all...)

The infamous anger only really occurs only when I see architecture, design, engineering and project managing that is - how do I put this? - at the WRONG end of the intelligence spectrum. This includes everything from a dodgy door handle to an enormous, post-modern mess...

The question is: How can we reduce this source of face-palming frustration? By compiling a handy pamphlet for all concerned, succinctly named:


Peruse the articles below for examples of what not to do, and feel free to contribute to the collection as you see fit, just send me your photos over on the official Facebook page... for the benefit and continuing professional development of us all, of course. You can thank me later.

Yours educationally,

The Angry Architect


ARTICLE 91: The Life Aquatic.

This is the National Fisheries Development Board regional office building in Hyderabad, India.

It is not particularly clear whether the render in this case is supposed to be superior to the FIN-ished article, as is normally the case. What is certain, though, is that the building is shaped like a gigantic fish. Great job guys.



ARTICLE 92: Flower Power.

"Landscape Architecture"



ARTICLE 93: The Wheelchair Challenge.

Accessibility Level: Japanese.



ARTICLE 94: The Dark Side.

Luke, I Am Your Conservatory.



ARTICLE 95: Apostrophe Catastrophe.

It hurt's my eye's.



ARTICLE 96: Urban 'Planning'.

Close enough.



ARTICLE 97: Carpet Catastrophe.

Face-plants are a-coming... Blame the interior designer for this one.



ARTICLE 98: Column Calamities.

Try tilting your head to see this one more clearly... keep going... keep going... keep going... there you go!



ARTICLE 99: The Long Stretch.

Sometimes, small details are of great consequence.



ARTICLE 100: Urban Un-Planning.

Yes, that's an apartment block built in the middle of an EIGHT LANE HIGHWAY in Xi'an, China. I guess it had to go somewhere.



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