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QUICK GUIDE: How Not To Architect (Part 4)

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So, I'm frequently asked what makes me so ANGRY. The truth is, I'm not always in a rage... in fact, quite often I'm a veritable ball of sweetness and light! (Within reason of course, I am an architect after all...)

The infamous anger only really occurs only when I see architecture, design, engineering and project managing that is - how do I put this? - at the WRONG end of the intelligence spectrum. This includes everything from a dodgy door handle to an enormous, post-modern mess...

The question is: How can we reduce this source of face-palming frustration? By compiling a handy pamphlet for all concerned, succinctly named:


Peruse the articles below for examples of what not to do, and feel free to contribute to the collection as you see fit, just send me your photos over on the official Facebook page... for the benefit and continuing professional development of us all, of course. You can thank me later.

Yours educationally,

The Angry Architect


ARTICLE 31: Stairs.

The donkey is not amused.



ARTICLE 32: The 'Signature' Style.

This is Gehry's Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. Of course, I didn't need to tell you it was by Frank, you probably worked that one out the moment you laid eyes on it - the organization inhabiting this structure states that the building "will undoubtedly be a lasting signature for the master architect."

I am not sure this should be regarded as a compliment: this is a center for brain health. How about focusing on creating a building that functions beautifully for the users, rather than simply unfurling your latest shimmering ornament just off The Strip?

Of course, Gehry is capable of producing great architecture... but too often these days, he seems imprisoned by his very own Bilbao Effect.

Form Follows Brand for some, it seems.



ARTICLE 33: 'Privacy'.

I've seen worse... but this isn't good.



ARTICLE 34: Stadium Sightlines.

And they wonder why some football fans become hooligans.



ARTICLE 35: Revision Clouds.

Remember: Every line you draw is full of consequence...



ARTICLE 36: Electricity + Water.

No, DON'T test it... just trust me on this one.



ARTICLE 37: Parking Arrangements.

If you ride a moped, you'll be just fine!



ARTICLE 38: 'Quirky' Windows.

 Could it be a cool and witty retort to the monotony of modernism? Given that it's a Best Western, probably not.



ARTICLE 39: The Unfortunate Roof Plan (Part 1).

 Not too noticeable... then along came Google Earth.



ARTICLE 40: The Unfortunate Roof Plan (Part 2).

A Christian Science society in the US has exposed itself to ridicule by building a church that looks suspiciously like... well, you get the picture.

They posted a great retort on their Facebook page though. Check it out here:;