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QUICK GUIDE: How Not To Architect (Part 8)

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So, I'm frequently asked what makes me so ANGRY. The truth is, I'm not always in a rage... in fact, quite often I'm a veritable ball of sweetness and light! (Within reason of course, I am an architect after all...)

The infamous anger only really occurs only when I see architecture, design, engineering and project managing that is - how do I put this? - at the WRONG end of the intelligence spectrum. This includes everything from a dodgy door handle to an enormous, post-modern mess...

The question is: How can we reduce this source of face-palming frustration? By compiling a handy pamphlet for all concerned, succinctly named:


Peruse the articles below for examples of what not to do, and feel free to contribute to the collection as you see fit, just send me your photos over on the official Facebook page... for the benefit and continuing professional development of us all, of course. You can thank me later.

Yours educationally,

The Angry Architect


ARTICLE 71: The Ridiculous Ramp.

It's ok though, because they spray-painted the bottom part white. How considerate!




ARTICLE 72: The Identity Crisis.

What genre of architecture does Hotel Amadeas fall into? I want to say Post-Modernism, but that seems too harsh on PoMo. I never thought it was possible to be TOO harsh on PoMo...




ARTICLE 73: Stability.

'Wait, is that level?'

'Close enough.'




ARTICLE 74: Bird Brains.

Site Management Rule no. 1: Don't trust a chicken to pour the concrete.




ARTICLE 75: Conspicuous Services.

Is that the most elegant solution you could come up with? Really?




ARTICLE 76: Fancy Footwork.

We've all been there though... right?




ARTICLE 77: 'Adventurous' Windows.

If you are watching, Mr. Daniel Libeskind... THIS is what you have inspired. I truly hope you are proud of yourself.




ARTICLE 78: Suburburburburburbia.

This is the village of Huaxi - American style villas transplanted to rural China. That's actually a pretty nice house. And that one. And that one. And that one. And that one.....




ARTICLE 79: Mein House.

Here it is. The house in Swansea that looks like Hitler. It's comforting to think that one day some kid will stumble on a picture of Hitler and think: "Hey, this guy looks like that house from the internet".




ARTICLE 80: Raising Suspicions.

Of course, we all know that pipe is not *really* connecting the urinals to the fountain tap... but way to make folks nervous, guys.