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Architects' Sketchbooks, Episode 1: Steven Holl

There have been reports that, given the proliferation of digital tools and time-saving software now available, architects no longer draw or sketch as we used to. In this series, I'm hoping to prove otherwise, by delving into the sketchbooks of designers – both famous and otherwise – hopefully revealing some hidden gems of drawing, painting and sketching along the way.

First up, we venture into the sketchbook of renowned American architect Steven Holl, via – check out this amazing array of watercolors, some of which went on to inform some of the firm's most well known buildings. The architect said of his hand-painted works:

"I used to do pencil drawings. Those took eight hours. Around 1979, I streamlined it to five-by-seven-inch watercolors. With the watercolor, in the quickest way, I can shape a volume, cast a shadow, indicate the direction of the sun in a very small format. And I can carry these things around because I am always traveling."

If you have a sketch you would like showcased, send it over via a message on the official Angry Architect Facebook Page, and who knows, maybe you'll be featured next!

Yours sketchily,

The Angry Architect