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Knit Your Own Laptop “Compubody” Sock For Privacy In Public Places

As liberating as abandoning ye olde office cubicle sounds, working out of a café, library, or other public or coworking space can leave even the most focused person distracted and open to prying eyes. Electronics guru Becky Stern has an unusual solution: a knitted garment that fits around your head and your laptop like an oversized sock or cocoon. Sure, you’ll undoubtedly draw quizzical stares, but what price privacy and peace—even at the risk of looking like Mr. Snuffleupagus?


Okay, we’ll level with you: Stern isn’t exactly in earnest. Her “Compubody” garment is more of a statement on our relationship with technology than a marketable product. (Instructions to knit one are available on Instructables, however, if you’re so inclined.)

Rather, she explains, it’s a “fun commentary on how attached and concentrated on technology we are, and to highlight the lack of movement that happens when we’re engrossed in our laptops, keyboards, PDAs, etc.” Stern adds: “I plan on making many more and would be curious what ideas fellow crafters might have for different iterations.”

The Compubody is part of a larger collection of satirical knits, including the “Ski Mask for Eating a Sandwich,” the “Cellphone Ski Mask,” and marginally more useful, at least for touch typists, a keyboard cozy that keeps your hands warm as you type.


Takers, anyone?

Images and info via: Inhabitat