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VIDEO: How Bad Architecture Wrecks Our Cities

Considering the much celebrated TED Talks are supposed to revolve around inspiring minds, James Kunstler’s video title might seem a little negative on first impressions. But boy, is this particularly TED talk inspiring: Kunstler’s straight talking is combined with vicious wit to explain the fundamental problems with suburban sprawl in the United States. A case in point: “If you stand on the apron of the Walmart over here, and try to look at the Target Store over here, you can’t see it because of the CURVATURE OF THE EARTH. That’s nature’s way of telling you you’re doing a poor job of defining space.”

Beneath the hilarity of the presenter’s brilliant metaphors for our abject failure in planning cities for the last 50 years, there are glimmers of hope that maybe, just maybe, we can fix things. Take it from me, this video makes for essential viewing.

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The Angry Architect