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Income-based Architecture In NYC
Causing New Class-Divide Concerns

New York City has approved a developer’s Dickensian plan to include a “poor door” in a luxury apartment complex in the Upper West Side.

The prospect of a separate entrance for lower-income residents has been circulating for some time, but as the New York Post reported today, plans by company Extell Development to put a separate entrance for affordable housing tenants, who make 60 percent or less of median income, in the 33-story condo have been given the green light. The property will have 219 units, including 55 affordable units overlooking the street. Those renting and buying the apartments at the market-rate will have waterfront views.

Ok, I get it - you're giving poor people a chance to live in one of the more expensive parts of NYC... but way to perpetuate the class divide and create a building that is a perfect metaphor for the city's shocking economic inequality. The calculated segregation sits uncomfortably with me, but we shouldn't be surprised - social housing has long been tucked out of the way and around the corner by residential developers who want to sell a glossy, exclusive image front of house.

This time though, there is little to no subtlety to the way it has been delivered - welcome back to Medieval times, when the servants scuttled along secret passages to avoid getting under their master's feet. Urgh.

Yours Unequally,

The Angry Architect