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10 Tattoos for Truly Dedicated Architects

Tattoos: They are a thing. Your friends are busy branding their behinds with butterflies, dolphins and Chinese symbols that translate to "Love", "Peace", or possibly just "Noodle". But you? You're thinking bigger, better... and building-related.

Peruse these 10 tremendous tattoos, imprinted upon the skin of architects and architecture fans who felt a burning need to share their dedication to the cause with everyone around them... and you, via the Internet. Dubious decisions + The World Wide Web = One fascinating blog article.

Let me know which one you would brand yourself with, or if you have a unique architectural tattoo of your very own, by sending a message via The Angry Architect Facebook Page – anyone who sends a photo wins extra points, but before you me send graphic images of your nether regions, bear in mind I will probably share anything I recieve with 111,000 people on social media.

Yours inked,

The Angry Architect


1: Daringly Detailed.

Proof that beauty can be found in the mundane. The insulation is particularly striking.



2: Magnificently Modulor.

I don't know her... but I like her. A timeless choice.



3: Perfectly Panoramic.

A kingdom of domes and mountains, because epic.



4: Awesomely Abstract.

Another Corb-inspired beauty. Looks a little raw, but a sound choice nonetheless.



5: Freaking Photographic.




6: Seriously Symbolic.

CAD monkeys can get edgy tattoos too, you know. And they look like this.



7: Fiercely Frenetic.

This guy is clearly a badass AND loves a good architectural tattoo. What's not to love?



8: Precisely Planned.

This is my favourite. Don't ask me why; you should know already.



9: Outrageously Oscar.

The one on the left? A little unflattering. Guy on the right is smiling because he knows he made the better choice.



10: Forever Fallingwater.

Forever Frank Lloyd Wright. You can't go wrong with this classic.



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