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Modernist Massacre: Xavier Delory Digitally Vandalizes Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye

Design is constantly contemplating the ways in which it can transcend time, reflecting the values of the current generation while suggesting possibilities for the future. In response, each building, product, and every other creation is an attempt to convey a pristine image, with innovative materials and unprecedented gestures that show no signs of aging. Providing more commentary on the subject, visual artist xavier delory has asked: ‘What remains of the utopias and the promises of a better future promised by the modern movement at the beginning of the 20th century?’ He then elaborates with a quote from ’toward a new architecture’: ’But let’s not kick a man when he’s down, every era carries its own burden, and let’s not spoil our pleasure of ‘the wise, correct and superb play of masses gathered under the light.’ With this mindset, delory has set out to begin what he calls a ‘pilgrimage on modernity’.

The photoshopped series of images are a tribute to architectural monuments around the world. The first stopover is ‘Villa Savoye’ and its creator Le Corbusier, one of the founding fathers of the modern movement. The iconic structure has been ransacked and vandalized. the ribbon windows that navigate its perimeter have been shattered, haphazard strokes of paint ornament its pilotis, and large pieces of graffiti cover its stark white free façade. The manipulations intend to make a statement about the ‘five points of architecture’, and in turn, highlight the death of modernity.

Images and info via: Design Boom