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Is The New Macbook The Perfect Laptop For Architects?

Attention Mac-using architects: Apple just announced a new 12-inch MacBook. First, the pros: It is astonishingly thin, includes a Retina Display, a new touch-sensitive trackpad and a new port for data transfer and charging in a single connector. It's being offered in 3 colours: silver, gold, and the effortlessly cool slate grey.

However, somewhat perversely, Apple's latest iteration uses Intel's new low-power Core M processor. This seems a peculiar backwards step, altough it does provide for a longer battery life (up to 9 hours) and that über-thin design. Then there is this big controversy about ports... there's just one of them in the super slim device. Yes... one.

Check out the images below and decide whether this one could be for you... or if it's another major faux pas from the tech giant in the wake of mixed reviews for their latest luxury accessory, the Apple Watch.