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37 New Uses For Zaha Hadid's Rejected Olympic Stadium

By now, you are probably aware of last week's big news – Japan has performed a U-turn on their 2020 Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, rejecting Zaha Hadid's competition-winning design and calling for a return to the drawing board for a more context-sensitive solution. On the one hand, it seems sensible to rethink a project with a ballooning budget and an extraordinary sense of scale (it's gigantic) – on the other, one might feel a pang of sympathy for Zaha, who appears to have been led a merry dance during the whole process.

Either way, we can at least rejoice that some good has come out of the whole sorry situation – the lost stadium has gained new life as a multi-purpose meme, as The Japan Times notes (check out this link for full credits on these 'creative' images).

Which is your preferred new use for this year's biggest white elephant in architecture? Tell us over on Facebook. In mean time, check out what a bit of photoshop and the power of the internet can conjure up...

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