How architects can create their own bathroom style

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house and for that reason deserves to be designed intelligently.

If you’re an architecture enthusiast or maybe just someone who has a keen eye for design, you know that building a bathroom is no easy feat. From materials to budget, there are many things an architect must consider before starting the build. But even so, if you want your design to be unique and original then it’s important for architects to have creativity on their side.

By following a few basic tips, even a DIY enthusiast can create an entire bathroom of their own design.

architects can create their own bathroom style

What do You need?

1. Shower Faucet Set

Buy the cheapest bathroom set you can find and purchase several colors of sprayer heads to replace the existing ones. This will alter the look of the showerhead completely, giving it a unique style. Use a tub filler faucet as your sink faucet for an instant makeover for your bathroom without spending hundreds on designer fixtures.

2. Lighting

There are thousands of different styles of lighting available at any hardware store, but you don’t need to buy an entirely new lighting fixture.

3. Mirror

Your bathroom mirror is one of the most important parts of your bathroom space. It’s your main portal to the world, so it needs to have a design that complements the rest of the bathroom

4. Tub

Bathtubs are the perfect place to start your journey into a bathroom renovation. Whether you want an old-fashioned claw-foot tub or a modern bathtub, there is an abundance of styles to choose from.

Step By Step Guide

1) Start with the basics.

The most important factor in creating a bathroom style is actually making sure you know what you want to achieve. If you don’t think you could create it from scratch, start with one of the many popular bathrooms on the market — like the one above.

2) Create a focal point.

Think about where your bathroom will hang out and what will give it life. Is that the only picture that’s going to be hung? Not likely, so try to think of another way it could be visually exciting. A big mirror is a popular option, but you don’t have to go overboard just yet — you can experiment with lighting, fabric and wallpaper later on.

3) Don’t get too fancy.

Your bathroom isn’t supposed to be a showroom, so don’t get too fancy. If you’re not sure about your collection of pillows or what kind of lighting it needs, start with a white tile floor, mirror and chrome fixtures.

4) Pick colors that match the rest of your space.

Color is one of the biggest factors in creating a bathroom style. Have you ever been in an apartment with a huge red bathroom? It’s not exactly welcoming, and it doesn’t give the space a sense of home.

Where to get the best ideas for bathroom Style?

There are many books and websites that you can visit to find design ideas for your bathroom. An excellent place to start is by visiting site will help you find the best equipment to purchase and the best designs to follow.


If you’re an architect or have had the pleasure of doing some bathroom renovations in the past, this might not be any help at all. But if you’re like most people and don’t know much about how bathrooms are supposed to look, this article will give you a good start.All you need is to visit and you will get all you need in creating a stylisg bathroom.

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